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The Book the Transgender Community is Raving about...


There are things in life we just don’t understand.  And, it is human nature to fear those things, doubt their existence, or to simply dismiss them completely, as not being true at all.

Such is the case in the world of transgender. A world, and a subject of conversation, that seems to be just about as closeted as the people who live in those “closets” themselves.

Written from the perspective of a person who actually lives in such a world, Chrissy Sue encourages those who are prone to dismiss transgender as non-existent, to reconsider. For transgender is real, and often times, the source of desperation and isolation, as well as serve emotional and physical pain. On the brighter side of things, a trans person once mentioned to Chrissy that it is also “the best of both worlds”.

Chrissy Sue writes her book, and courageously reveals her personal story in an effort to help “normal” people understand the conundrum of transgender, and thereby make life safer and more enjoyable for those who “live without an identity”.

Chrissy is confident that you will find her book, “Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are”, filled with raw emotion, excitement, adventure, intrigue, humor and euphoria. But most of all you will find that it imparts great wisdom to help you better understand and accept this complicated phenomenon called transgender.

And so, without further adieu, please buy a copy today and read on… You will be happy you did!



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